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In the summer of 2009, I undertook a benchmarking study of the Top 25 Commercial Contractors in the U.S...

There are many ways to gauge performance.  The most common way is to use financial statistics like profit margins, various financial ratios, balance sheet information, etc..  These are excellent ways to look at performance, but they do not give the whole picture.  In fact, they merely offer a glimpse of the big picture.  They are namely a snapshot in time that looks at the current conditions or relatively recent past.  There is a lot more to being a successful contractor.  I worked for quite some time, with help from several industry gurus, to come up with a list of "performance attributes" of success.  These attributes would be areas of measure other than financial...the softer, and often times, longer lasting characteristics of success.  This list of Performance Attributes includes: Client Diversity, Product Line Diversity, Culture, Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Financial, Safety, Innovation, and several others.

Once the list of Performance Attributes was determined, I spent several weeks developing probing questions that took a deeper look into each attribute.  Eventually, I created a unique and comprehensive survey, called the Business Insight Assessment (BIA), aimed toward the business owner or key management personnel of commercial HVAC contractors.  The BIA should take no more than 60 minutes to complete.

Finally, I needed to set benchmarks within each of these Performance Attributes.  I decided that my "Benchmarking Group" would be the top Commercial Contractors in the country so I asked the last 25 Commerical Contractor of the Year award winners as determined by Contracting Business Magazine to participate in the BIA Benchmarking Study. I got enthusiastic response from this group.

The results are in!  They provide some unique insight into what it takes to be a successful contractor in today's business environment. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Business Insight Assessment and the process that was undertaken, click the link below to access a "white paper" that I wrote to provide more details.

click here to download the White Paper on Benchmarking

I have several offerings available if you would like to participate in this one of a kind assessment for your company:
  1. Just take the BIA only (a good way to get insight into important areas of measurement).
  2. Take the BIA and recieve a report showing how your company compares to the Top 25 Benchmark Group.
  3. Take the BIA, get the comparison report, and get some personal feedback from me in regards to developing a plan of action.
  4. All of the above, plus more in depth and personal consultation from me.

If you are interested in any of these options, please click the link below.

Utilizing the BIA and Benchmarking comparison is a great way to "check the pulse" of your company in a lot of different areas to see if you are on the right track.  It enables you to get a headstart on any strategic planning you may be considering.

Interested in BIA Options? Click to send me an email and type in "BIA Interest" in the Subject Line. I will send you more details including rate information.