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Mechanical Insight Consulting, LLC is THE resource for acquisition work related to commercial HVAC companies.  With several years of experience leading the acquisition efforts of an industry giant, Alan Barnes, can help you position your company to be sold, or help you find a company to buy.  He has been on "both sides of the table" as an owner of an HVAC company being sold, and on the other side, buying companies.  He knows what the buying companies are looking for in an HVAC contractor.  Let him help you with his proven processes that can lead to a successful sale and integration.

He has comprehensive tools developed for small contractors as well as medium to larger contractors that can help owners to get on a strategic path to increase their multiple (company value) when they are ready to sell down the road.



I represent a midsized, commercial hvac, Florida based company that has a national presence in the big box retail market.  We are looking for a strategic buyer.

Atlanta Market:
 I represent a buyer that has been in the Atlanta metro market for 30 years.  We are looking for small to midsized commercial refrigeration, hvac, electrical, or plumbing contractors that have a strong focus on service and maintenance.  No more than 10% of the revenue should come from new construction projects.

Atlanta, GA:
I represent a very good mid-sized mechanical service contractor for sale. Looking for a strategic buyer that wants a significant foothold in Atlanta and the North Georgia market. Seller has a very diverse client base and is highly profitable.  Buyer must bring strategic synergies to the deal. Contact me directly regarding an inquiry.


I represent a large client, looking for specialty engineering focused companies that have capability in Operations and Maintenance (O&M), Facility Management, Transition Services, and Commissioning.  Client sectors should include: aviation, healthcare, and government.