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A twenty-five year industry veteran, Alan got his start with the family business right out of school from Georgia Tech with a mechanical engineering degree in hand.  A business started by his grandfather in 1937, Aircond Corporation was a premier commercial HVAC service contracting firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and provided an excellent foundation for Alan to experience all aspects of the business.  Beginning as a service technician’s helper during the summers of high school, and after college, working his way up through the engineering department, project management group, and construction sales department, Alan got a thorough education on the “nuts and bolts” of commercial HVAC work.  His foray into the management ranks at Aircond began with the General Manager position of the Georgia Service Division, a large group with sixty five service technicians reporting up to him.  In this position, Alan got a real taste for being on the front line of management and dealing with the issues that arise from a large employee and client base.  After several years in this role, Alan moved to the Chief Operating Officer position and was instrumental in developing new avenues of business for the company, such as the Operations and Maintenance Division.   He was also the catalyst for upgrading the management depth of the company by bringing on a dedicated Sales Manager and an HR Director.  The next logical step for Alan was taking over the company from his father, Alan Barnes, Sr, when he retired after a long and successful career at Aircond.
During Alan’s tenure as Chief Operating Officer, not only did he obtain his Master’s degree in Business from Georgia Tech, he and his father decided it was time to sell the company and it ultimately became part of EMCOR Group in 2002.  Staying in the role of President of Aircond under EMCOR ownership, Alan successfully transitioned the company from private to public ownership and was a key player on the EMCOR Senior Management team.  In 2007, Alan was asked by EMCOR top management to help the company with strategic growth.  This promotion to the company corporate ranks enabled Alan to use his experience as an owner/operator to help EMCOR locate and acquire premier mechanical contractors and businesses around the country.  As an Executive VP, Alan led the acquisition effort with EMCOR for nearly three years in the Mechanical Services Division by playing a key role in the search for, due diligence of, and integration of newly acquired companies.  He examined over one hundred companies nationwide during this time, and led the effort that resulted in acquisitions of several companies totaling over $150 million in revenue.

In 2009, Alan decided it was time to venture out on his own and reduce the amount of travel away from his family.  His new company, Mechanical Insight Consulting LLC, focuses on helping commercial HVAC contractors get to the “next level” of performance.  Alan’s expertise includes developing strategies for growth, new business lines, and acquisitions (representing both buyer and seller). 

Alan lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife, and two young children.