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Are you considering selling your hvac business?  How about in 5 years?  10 years?  20 years?  
Most owners ask themselves this question and the most likely answer is:  "when the time is right"
Unfortunately, we can't always forsee when the time is right so let me help you set the stage NOW for a good acquisition event down the road... whenever that occur.
Let me take your company through my Acquisition Assessment.
This comprehensive, yet quick and simple, process will examine your business, determine how marketable you are right now to a financial or strategic buyer, and give you some solid ideas on what you can do now to help maximize your sale price down the road.
Sometimes it is difficult to see the forest through the trees so let my significant experience give you some guidance.

The Acquisition Assessment is a four part process:
  1. Financial Review - an extensive review of current and historical financial statements to identify strengths, weaknesses, and red flags.
  2. Owner Interview - I personally conduct an interview with the owner to get a better understanding of your business operationally and strategically.
  3. Benchmarking - I put your company through my proprietary benchmarking process and compare you to the best historical industry performers in the country.
  4. Customized Report -  I provide you with my observations on what you can begin doing NOW to maximize your company's value at the time you consider selling the business in the future.

Cost of Program: $3,750
     [50% up front and remainder due upon delivery of final report (typically takes 2-3 weeks)]
Making this investment now will pay you huge divendends in the future when and if you decide to sell your business.