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Mechanical Insight Consulting is a firm specializing in the commercial/industrial HVAC contracting industry. Areas of specialty include:
  • Growth strategy development
  • HVAC Service business analysis
  • Benchmarking against the best HVAC companies in the country
  • Identifying problem areas in your HVAC business
  • Expanding business offerings
  • Geographic expansion
  • Acquisition work - finding HVAC companies to buy as well as positioning your business for sale 
As an HVAC business owner, if any of these areas of specialty are of interest to you, please contact Alan Barnes at alan@mechinsight.com.

Alan Barnes, Principal
Alan's extensive experience in the commercial HVAC industry leads to insight into your business.

My experience includes:

  • Working my way up to the role of President in the largest independent, commercial HVAC Service Contractor in the Southeast, gaining exposure to all aspects of the business
  • Extensive knowledge in operating in a family business environment
  • Extensive knowledge in growth strategies for independent commercial HVAC contractors
  • Successfully positioning the company for sale
  • Successful integration into a Fortune 500 industry giant
  • Serving as the lead for finding acquistion candidates in the commercial HVAC service industry, evaluating over 100 companies across the U.S.
  • Leading due diligence and integration of privately held companies being acquired by a public company in the commercial HVAC industry

The Mechanical Insight Consulting Difference:

There are many consultants out there, offering their services on how to improve your business, but how many have actually successfully operated an HVAC contracting company?  I know what it takes to successfully build, operate, and sell a commercial/industrial HVAC service firm, because I have done it first hand.  The success of my company (Aircond Corporation) was nationally recognized by Contracting Business Magazine by awarding us its coveted Commercial Contractor of the Year award.

If you are interested in buying a company or selling yours, I have been on both sides of the street.  I successfully sold my company in 2000 and know how to handle the transition to new ownership.  I worked for EMCOR leading their acquistion effort for the Mechanical Servces Division, evaluating over 100 companies nationwide.  I know what the "buyers" are looking for and I can help you position your company to maximize the return on all your hard work over the years. I get paid when and if you get paid, so there is almost zero risk for you.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with me at the email address below: